uPVC Doors West Wales

For uPVC doors in West Wales look no further than Preseli Home Improvements. As experts in the industry, we supply and install stunning doors in your home or workspace that perfectly compliment the space. Meticulously designed and installed to better insulate your property by keeping the cold out.

The wide range of styles and design features we have to offer include double glazed windows, wood grain finishes and a vast choice of RAL colours. Create your very own unique design to suit your style preferences and budget.

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uPVC Front Doors

The front door of your home should be equal parts stylish & secure which is why we design our uPVC front doors with the highest level of security measures whilst maintaining the most stylish options on the market currently.

uPVC front doors are a cost-effective option to upgrading your door. Although they are less expensive than aluminium and composite alternatives, they offer a high level of thermal efficiency and are available in an impressive selection of designs so you can choose the perfect style to match your home’s exterior.

uPVC Back Doors

Preseli Home Improvements can help you improve the look of your garden entry with a new uPVC back door. We have solid panel and glass back doors in stock, as well as stable doors that we can sell and install. Do you require a cat flap? These are not a problem; they can be arranged.

uPVC Stable Doors

A stable door can give your home a unique look. You may open the top panel to let in additional light and air without having to fully open the door. Alternatively, both sections of the door can be connected together so that the complete door can be opened.

If you want to give your home a cottage vibe, these doors are ideal. They’re also fantastic for ventilating your home while keeping dogs and children safe inside.

Why Choose Us for Front and Back Doors?

  • Local and reliable door company
  • Made to measure doors to ensure a perfect fit
  • Secure locking systems for peace of mind
  • Huge choice of colours, styles and glazing options and finishes
  • 10 year guarantees
  • Price inclusive of door fitting
  • Free quotations

Benefits Of UPVC Doors

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural materials, which require regular sanding, varnishing, and repainting, UPVC is a low-maintenance material. UPVC windows and doors can survive for decades without showing signs of wear and tear; the only maintenance required is a good wipe down with soapy water to avoid discolouration and remove grime or filth.


The material is extremely durable, so the frames can withstand the harshest weather and are resistant to rot and rust, which is especially beneficial for homes near the sea, where excessive salt content can be a concern. The UPVC coating also protects against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, preventing the material from fading when exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time.

Weather Resistant

Weathering is a common problem amongst most materials used on the exterior of a property. UPVC windows and doors do not react with water and air and are not susceptible to the natural elements, meaning a longer life span without ageing.

While UPVC can stand up to the weather and requires less maintenance than naturally occurring counterpart materials such as wood, we recommend taking regular care of any external UPVC installations including soffits and facets to ensure their longevity.


When it comes to new windows and doors, energy efficiency is top of mind for everyone, and the materials you choose will have an impact on the warmth and window energy rating of your home.

Because UPVC is a low conductor of heat, when installed appropriately, it creates a closed air system, which reduces heat loss compared to non-insulating materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

uPVC doors are entirely composed of plastic, whereas composite doors are made up of a variety of materials that are crushed and bonded together under great pressure. A high-quality composite door is composed of premium materials, making it sturdy, secure, long-lasting, and weather-resistant.

Yes, we provide a wide selection of attractive and elegant made-to-measure double glazed upvc doors.

If properly maintained, double-glazed uPVC doors can last up to 35 years. uPVC doors are built to a high standard using high-quality materials that do not deteriorate over time.

In truth, both UPVC and composite doors are low-maintenance, well-insulated alternatives that make it nearly hard for intruders to gain access. UPVC doors are far less expensive than composite doors and have a slimmer appearance, making them a fashionable yet economical option for any house.

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